Lian Seng Engraving Industry Pte Ltd is committed to provide our customers with a comprehensive and efficient production service. With emphasis on compatibility and a single supplier source. With this high technology investment, our company's totally integrated service is supported by:

Graphic Department
A fully computerized graphics department which provides in-house colour separation using high-end system and does proofing using the latest technology of inkjet proofing system.

Copper-Plating Department
The copper plating process uses the Gravostar Copper-Plating machine from Switzerland machine to place a layer of copper onto cylinder for the engraving process. This compact and simple machine, based on the latest knowledge and technology in the rotogravure-electroplating field, is constructed with the latest materials and guarantees a high standard of workmanship which creates wear-resistant and long life cylinder.

Polishmaster (MDC)
The copper-finishing process uses the MDC Polishmaster machine for optimal quality copper surface balance to minimize tolerance and achieve evenness of the cylinders. The machine is a high precision machining and measuring center for rotogravure cylinders.

Engraving Department
The engraving process is carried out by MDC Gravostar. This machine performs direct engraving on the refined copper cylinders. The compatible engraver unit is ideal for packaging and dÈcor printing.

Laser Etching Department
The laser etching process is carried out by our Digilas machine from Switzerland with latest Germany technology. The Digilas machine gives high precision quality result with the flexibility that offers the choice of adopting different dot shape and dot size. The result derived is superb quality for flexible and paper printing such as high-end tobacco printing.

Chroming Department
Chroming is done by the high end Gravostar Cr-E machine. It has built-in chrome plating tank for the chroming process to ensure quality finishes and a long life span of our cylinders.

Proofing Department
To ensure our cylinders meet high quality standards, our proofing process uses high quality Japanese made machines to produce in-house proofing for our cylinders.

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